This is a Perfection post

If you ask me, who’s body I’d like to swap with, Kim K. Hands down, Kim K. Just fucking look at this person!

Impossible to achieve when youre too busy beingĀ  broke and cant afford a personal trainer or a surgeon.

I have this as my phone background so that whenever I happen to look at my phone, I’ll be reminded to not eat #curvespiration

Although of course even if I did a million crunches and plank (the exercize, not that stupid ass trend) for 24 hour straight and survive on my own saliva till im 25 I still cant come close to her hot bod. Depressing.

I dont even care if her face is fake or if she had lip filler and botox for dinner ever fortnight! Shes beautiful!

To my ladies who know that this is literally impossible to achieve, because we lack at the boobsicle area, its okay gurl, we in this together you hear?

So have you guys already figured my obsession over this perfection?

Of course I know some of you might give me the old jeebeez about how “every body shape is beautiful” and all that “every women is beautiful in their own way”. Go preach! Dont lie and tell me you love youre body 100% kay!

but I am a firm believer that “If you look in the mirror and you dont like what you see, change it” and Pilates.

And Meal Replacements and Starving



hey mods, remember how i use to (i still do) want several pairs of TOMS? well, i still havent get my hands on them but whatever. today im going to mention an awesome event, hosted by TOMS

alright so TOMS, is this shoe organization that sticks to a one for one movement. with every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. and i think it’s pretty rad.

while getting yourself a snazy pair of comfortable TOMS, you’re actually also giving a child in need a snazzy pair for himself! its a new wave of charity and it is pretty impressive

also, on the 8th of april, TOMS is hosting the one day without shoes day. it’s motive is to create an awareness of the thousands of barefooted people everyday, whether they’re skateboarding, doing house chores, everything. sign me up

right now im actually looking for the TOMS community is Singapore to find out if they are actually going with this motion. if they are, i am definitely barefooted on the 8th. and if TOMS singapore happens to read this, contact me! and we could host a small event or something. at least we could try

and this is so far my favourite pair of the lot

(i’m not paid to advertise TOMS or what ever. i just find this event really worthy of my mention so i’m just putting this out there for you people)(mitchell davis was a good choice of media for advertising this, smart move, TOMS)