My One Day as a Celebrity

I would so like to be Kelly Osbourne for a day. She is smoking hot now and id want to make out with all the boys i deem cute because kelly is one fine bitch and she can tap whoever she wants to

id tap this guys ass over and over again if i were kelly. kellan lutz. oh hot daymn, this dude have the ability to make girls pregnant just by looking at them in the eye

for those who are now calling me a perv, i say fuck you, im kelly fucking osbourne

and my one day will consist of mainly tongue wrestling and hitting the gay clubs

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sorry guys, i really am uninspired


Avatar: The Last Airbender

this is a movie review y’all

i got to see Avatar: The Last Air-bender today and i LOVED it. Honestly

i have had heard of people complaining about how the movie was a disappointment and how it sucked and how it was a waste of money. well screw you, i thought it was pretty good

i loved the 3d effects and how everything was just great. at first when i got to know the characters, i was a little turned off

but then i saw the film and was like daymn, id tap patel’s ass. and that white water bending guy. they are fineeeeee and im not even kidding

im looking at indians and arabians in a whole new light. thank patel y’all

it was book 1: Water Tribe so im guessing there’ll be sequels obviously and im going to catch all of it. yeah, it was that good. for me anyway

Dave Patel is hot. when he’s all villainy and bad and when his left eye is scared } when he’s zuko, the firelord prince

is this gif appropriate? no?

sue me

i haz haterz y’all

Shutup you dumb fat moronic b!tch! Keep your comments for yourself while you gossip about others.
Who are you to judge when you are already so dumb, fat and needless for me to say, moronic. One lump of lard commenting about others? You are one big fat joke yourself. Who are you to say those people are bimbotic and awful stuffs like that.
Just keep that 2 piece of lard under you stinky nose shut. Awful fat b!tch!


havent you heard of everyone judges, everyones judged?

look baby, 1st of all i can do whatever the hell i want. 2nd of all, i didnt say anything about anyone being bimbotic in that “monday” post. even if i did, and i have unfortunately upset/ anger you, get a life because what the hell? seriously? you get all worked up because of what I say? who the hell am i to you? move on damnit, life is not a bed of roses and not everyone likes everyone

anyway, so by saying shit about me, defending whoever you are defending, you think youre better than i am?

oh come on, seriously. youre the same as i am. 18 years of life, ive been through all this bull before

look sweetheart, lard or not, i still, like you have the freedom of speech. also, you seem to love using the word fat, dumb and lard. i question your ability to hate fluently with words other than that. it is upsetting, of course it is. i wont lie feeling a little upset. me having low self esteem and all that

i guess what im trying to say is,

also, i cannot believe how much negativity that post generated. people actually care what i have to say!

the response is late anyways

anyways, the post i mentioned


ahhhh the smell of the first day of school, how refreshing

case of the mondays, as always

when you forgive,

you cure


do not try to turn the goddamn table around. i cemented it on the friggin floor. now get the hell out and leave me the hell alone


Sometimes it’s difficult trying to keep the faith in meeting people that are genuine, sweet, funny and interesting. A lot of people don’t bother making an effort these days… or have really bad social etiquette or are just too self-involved to care. Mind you, I believe your own-self is most definitely one of the highest priorities that you should have, but in a social setting, I like to have the mindset that everyone is equal and on the same level. I don’t try to make myself look like I’m more important or in a higher social class.. no matter how you look or act, I like to give people a chance. And even after many times of “giving a people multiple chances”, I’ve become disheartened with the fact, like I previously said.. that people…JUST.DON’T.CARE.ANYMORE.

I pride myself on being a people type of person and I LOVE meeting new people and getting to know new friends and just getting involved. It’s difficult these days. I know who are my true friends and who I can depend on.

Do i sound cynical? I surely hope not. I think I’m just having one of those days.