fall out, boy

hey mods. im re-listening to all of fall out boy‘s songs. all of them. that’s why it tooked me a couple of days to generate this post

so their first ever album Evening Out with Your Girlfriend came out at 2003. that would be 7 years ago

to me it’s a little rusty. and i find that it’s a little mix of blink 182 and busted. Patrick was still fat and meaty. and still my favourite f.o.b

top 3 songs from the album

  • Parker Lewis Cant Lose
  • Growing Up (this one really sounds like blink182)
  • Pretty in Punk

and then they released their independent success album, Take This To Your Grave

i think there’s a distinct improvement. patrick’s voice is now recognizable at every track and i think it deserves the spin

top 3 songs from the album

  • Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today
  • The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes (it really takes me back to classic fall out boy at it’s finest)
  • Calm Before The Storm

i also like Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

and then they got even more better with Under the Cork Tree

this is actually their first album that i bought. i got my hands on this and the eyeliner automatically got smeared under my eyelids

to be honest, this is actualy my favourite album from them

top 3 songs from the album

  • Champagne for My Real Friends
  • the Music or The Misery
  • Grand Theft Autumn

and bubbling under the top 3 is Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

and then there’s Infinity On High

by this album im already all strung by them. and this is pretty good music if you ask me

top 3 songs from the album

  • I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears and Non On My Fingers
  • Fame < Infamy
  • The Take Over, The Breaks Over

and then they amped up the charts and my ear drums with Folie à Deux

i also really liked this one. it didnt disappoint me

top 3 songs from the album

  • She’s My Winona
  • Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet
  • West Coast Smoker

i was all dancing like:

oh yeah they are going to be around forever and ever

and then they announced the Unofficial breakup controversy and re-confirmation of indefinite hiatus

and they also released the last album Believers Never Die – Greatest Hits and indefinite hiatus which i didnt get my hands on at all 😦

and then i packed all their cds and lyrics and posters and tshirts and sat in my room and listened to the click 5

i kid, i kid

Kyle Patrick is a cutie though

and i really dont get the hate for fall out boy. some call them posers some just think theyre waste of space in the music industry. well i only have 1 thing to say

haters to the left


watch this, i aim to make you smile


the video is beast

currently hooked on dance-punk band, Hadouken!

Hangover edition

I gotta feeling…

Hooked to Crookers

Sick beat.

Moves me to tears

What song now?

I miss Oasis.