Challenge day 12: Bullet through Wednesday

school on wednesday, who wants to go home?

  • woke up tangled in the sheets. cold and comfy, didnt want to leave sanctuary
  • eventually woke up, took a long ass bath and got ready for school
  • amount of effort to look good, ZERO
  • realized was early
  • met nana and walked to school, complaining about the weather. it rained 3 days straight and at 12pm, it is warm as an oven
  • M.I.C.E lesson, freaked out by how little time we have left before finals
  • continue to freak out when Ms Marie Nair said that the paper is going to be harder than a 16 year old cock in a strip club
  • took a break at the canteen and putra talked about his Kencing Kuda
  • we talked about Kencing Kuda throughout and now its stuck
  • looked at the watch oh noes, its 3pm, we are all like “can we not go for PJMS?”
  • P.J.M.S Ms Jas said there was plans with IEH or was it IEF on Friday
  • did group pop quizes
  • hated it
  • released early and i cant wait to get the fuck out
  • was walking with the group halfway to the MRT station and it went pouring down on us
  • ran like a pack of wolves. white top and black bra with pink lace details, i better run the fuck
  • mud in crocs
  • got oreo crush bubbletea for $1.80, cheap and all good
  • went home in drizzling rain. 3 straight days in a row and counting
  • warm bath at home
  • entertained Fayzan Naif because he wear the huggies in the house so he’s the king
  • very tired
  • very very tired
  • hoping for an early night



Challenge day 11; Shuffled

  1. Nirvana- Heart shaped box
  2. Tim Kay- My world
  3. MGMT- Kids
  4. Super Junior- Bonamana
  5. Britney Spears- Radar
  6. The Killers- Bones
  7. Muse- Uprising
  8. Britney Spears- Radar
  9. Arctic Monkeys- Teddy Picker
  10. The Killers- Soft Surrender


Protected: Challenge day 10; 1st love

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Challenge day 9; Future

this is a little similar to challenge day 2’s topic. because im already late for this, copy and paste is the answer

in the future i would very much like to be married, have a happy family. id like to already have kids by that age. 2, 3 i dont know. i like kids, and im a very family oriented person so, to me, the bigger the family the better. if you can support 5 kids and lead a very comfortable life then why not right?

in the future id like to be financially stable, where i know i can support my family without anyone, plus giving my parents some support. to have a husband who can support me and my family is very important, but whats more important to me is knowing that i can do it all by myself. incase the worst happens, i wont be out on the streets begging for money, or or working 3 jobs at the same time or having to give up my kids for adoption you know?

in the future, i would like to have a well off job. id like to be successful and id like to be able to love what im doing. i envision myself doing counseling for estranged married couples and trying to piece them back together. for the most part i love drama and to handle them would pretty much be a dream job. and maybe for some spare ribs id write a book or something, nothing for the shelves or anything, just personal achievements you know? writing has always been my first love

i also just thought of some stuff now

you know in the future, i kind of envision myself in my own office with glass walls and my own drip coffee machine and then after  a longs day work i’ll call up my girlfriends and be like

ayo gurl, where you be?

and theyd be like

i be leavin  ma office whats up home bizkit?

and id be all

work is drivin me insane gurl we need to meet up before i start clawing my weave

and theyd be like

gurrrrl i knowwww~ okay how aboutz i book us all a spa session and right now we can meet at starbucks or something

and i’d be

cool gurls. see you in 30 boo thangs

okay then after the little bonding session (every fridays) i’ll drive home and take care of my husband and kids. and on sundays, we’ll take the kids to their grandparents

yeah. i guess thats it

im sorry guys, i know i could do a better job but this is so last minute. i just came home from mr teh tarik. and nasi ayam sedap~ omnomnom

Challenge day 8; And the winner goes to

Aisyah Noor and Julie Karmila from ITE COLLEGE CENTRAL BISHAN for being 1st runner up for the SMRT Marketing Apprentice Challenge!

and both of us literally went like

and like everything went blur for me we literally JUMPED UP from our seats and RAN to the stage to collect the check

i am so proud of myself for that you know. its like WE represented the school, and we WON second place $600 bucks

it started out as a whatever thing for me and julie, we werent even involved in the 1st round. but then our class proposal got selected and our form teacher ms becky signed me and julie up to represent our class for the trip to malaysia to Mecure Palm RESORT

its got INCENTIVE TRAVEL written all over it

and then after hours of grueling lectures about presentations and creativity and whatever, we got back to singapore to do another proposal, completely different from the 1st one, to see if we’re cut out to be in the quater finals

WORK WAS LAST MINUTE. julie and i had no intentions whatsoever to qualify. it was just for the sake of attendance

but then we did qualify. up for semi finals now and we step up our game, now mama plays to win

and eventually we got to finals with hard work for about 3 solid months, juggling social life, school work and everything. i swear i felt so determined im sure julie was too. we WANTED to win SO BAD

stayed back with mr erick and lionell and annabelle and the both of us rehersed, created scripts. we stayed back in the lab, just the both of us, to do POSTERS and PROTOTYPES for this challenge. tell me that isnt faith man

the day comes, we got groomed by some people, i swear i felt like a celebrity. we got our face and hair done. we were ready. the thing is we already know that we’re going to win. i swear. you have to see the other finalist. not really there yet. but the thing is, we didnt know what POSITION we would be at. and sitting through their presentations, we were the last pair to present, we spot who are our possible threats

but whatever eventually we won so thats what matters

the things that makes me so fucking proud is that

  • ITE’s PRINCIPAL CAME OVER TO US to shake our goddamn hands during the mingling session. HE came over TO US
  • Mr Faris basically HUGGED US and he looked so fucking proud
  • We got congratulated by people WE DONT EVEN KNOW
  • We got interviewed, Photographed and all that good stuff

the best thing for me was that people actually looked at us WITH ADMIRATION IN THEIR EYES.

  • julie and i was the ostrong>nly PAIR OF MALAY GIRLS that won. the rest were in groups of 3s


we won and we made a name for ourselves

Challenge day 7: Whats your name girl, whats your sign?

so this challenge requires a little google work for me. and im actually really excited to do this one because im lame and i decided to not hit the books today

so i am born in March the 18th so that makes me a Pisces

Personality Traits & Information

The Astrological birth sign of Pisces (February 19 – March 20) is usually associated with being extremely creative, sensetive, and artistic, as well as a healthy fascination with the metaphysical and spiritual.

Creative. I did take O lvl art and was one of the students with potential in my year, so ah thank you very much

Sensitive. Well, yes, very much. Although i couldnt really express my feelings very well

Artistic. Yeah duh, art camp. well, im not really sure about this though, maybe artsy fartsy when i was in highschool, but having grown up, im not sure

Healthy fascination with the metaphysical and spiritual. Wait whaa? Let me google that and get back to you, audience. Okayyy so what i got was that is has to do with Philosophy, Abstract reasoning, Theoretical and relating to Poetry. I think im pretty theoretical and i do do poetry

Pisces are the most intuitive and spiritually developed of the zodiac birth signs. Aptly called “old souls”, Pisces thirst for spiritual knowledge and personal growth. They are the twelfth, and last, of the Zodiac signs, and as such, tend to have a more finely tuned intuition, sixth sense or extrasensory ability to perceive others feelings.

HOLY SHIT that last one is totally accurate.  i dont know why but i can sort of tell what people are thinking or feeling at for example a conversation you know. Old souls huh? Im kinda old school so i guess that qualifies?

The duality of the Pisces personality is best described as a constant ebb and flow, back and forth, straddling the physical, material world and the ethereal, divine realm where Pisces vivid imagination, powerful intuition and creative daydreaming feel like home.

Powerful intuition. Check. Vivid imagination. CHECK. Creative daydreaming. Let me tell you, i daydream ALL THE TIME. if youre ever in a conversation with you and my eyes goes all dreamy and lost, boy, that means youre BORING

Pisces are creators. Pisces are common as inventors, writers, musicians, painters, and dancers. Pisces make great friends and mates. Pisces are extremely loyal and caring. Pisces often possess uncanny intuitive or psychic abilities.

Great Writers, i am beaming like a horse right now. yeah, imagine a horse smiling like a jackass. oh wait a jackass is a donkey. okay you know what, I AM A GREAT WRITER! Dancers? DANCERS? no no no no no a million times no. if you call spazzing to a tune dancing, then, ONLY then, I am a FINE ASS dancer

Uncanny intuitive or psychic abilities. now you got me believing im



PISCES – February 19 – March 20 Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac and is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. The two fish symbolize the internal struggle of the soul within a Pisces. Often, the fish are swimming away from each other in a circle representing life after death or reincarnation. Pisces is considered a feminine or negative sign. Feminine signs are considered more passive, receptive and sensitive than masculine/positive signs.
Pisces are sensitive, humane and often idealistic. People born under this sign react emotionally to everything making them compassionate and sensitive to those around them. Rather than taking an analytical approach to life, pisces react to the feelings of others and as a result can be very influential when they choose to be. In the right situaltion a Pisces can be capable of incredible deeds. The positive nature of a Pisces and the fact that they are tuned into the feelings of others makes them socially popular.

Im popular. just putting it out there ohkaaaaaaay~ (i know youre reading this in Raven’s voice gurl)

Being able to read and react to situations makes Pisces one of the most adaptive signs in the Zodiac. They are very intuitive and as a result can be flexible and prosper in many different situations. The intuitive nature of Pisces also makes them a very creative and imaginative sign. Pisces are often artists, writers and dreamers. The strong intuition of a Pisces can also mean that they are very spiritual.

I am definitely a dreamer. No doubts about that. I dream, with MY EYES OPEN. True story

ELEMENT: Water Pisces is one of 3 water signs in the Zodiac, all of which share similar characteristics. Water signs are typically sensitive, emotional (sometimes vulnerable), creative, sensitive and melancholic. The other water signs in the Zodiac that share these characteristics are Cancer and Scorpio.

PLANETS: Jupiter & Neptune Two planets, the lucky Jupiter and sensitive Neptune rule Pisces. Jupiter, lord of the gods, fuels a thirst for knowledge and understanding in Pisces and provides a natural lucky streak for the sign. Neptune, king of the sea, provides the sensitive and spiritual qualities in Pisces. Neptune is associated with idealism and compassion, but also with confusion & deception making Pisces the most impressionable sign in the Zodiac.

Sowry that just too long for me to read you know so why not we jump straight to the quickie facts shall we?

Symbol: Fish
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
Birthstones: Amethyst, Aquamarine
Colors: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Mauve, Sea Green
Gemstones: Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Moonstone, Catseye
Flowers: Water Lily, Orchid, Lotus, White Poppy, Lilac
Metals: Platinum, Metallic Pewter
Body: Feet, Immune System, Lymphatic System

HOLD UP. Immune system? and what the hell is the Lymphatic System? Okay whatevs

sooo ayo baby, whats yo sign~

mama like what she see

if the man dont move, click it

Challenge day 6; 30 Facts

alright guys, we are already on day 6 i am extremely excited to complete the challenge. my friend hafiiz is also taking part on this so you can check him out at

  1. i am a Visual Learner
  2. Oldest AND Youngest in the family. Oldest at legit family, Youngest at foster family. (im living the best of both worlds)
  3. Does not own an MP3 player eversinced the last one died in 2005
  4. Hopeless romantic
  5. Easily excitable
  6. i never had a valentine. relationships either ends before vday or starts after
  7. i am extremely blind without my spectacles or contact lenses (550 with astigmatism on both eyes)
  8. i use to collect Doraemon comics
  9. i collect Archie comics
  10. im very family oriented, so dont fuck around with my blud allllright?
  11. i find it hard to express sadness to people
  12. i love how i met your mother and i would fuck the living daylight out of Marshall
  13. i have an awesome gay schooling bff
  14. i love books
  15. i love coffee
  16. i love chai latte
  17. i would only go to starbucks for my caffeine fix
  18. i only drink Evian or Fiji water. only when im really desperate for water and those 2 arent available, i’ll  go for the *gulps* other bottled ones
  19. i love soy milk
  20. im very OCD about having my teeth cleaned, rinsed and flossed 4 times a day
  21. i have never broken a bone in my life. and i’d like to keep it that way
  22. harry potter fan/ stan
  23. i write alot
  24. Nsync used to own my life back in primary 4
  25. i know it looks like a porn movie poster and all of them are about to give justin a joyride on their disco stick but I LOVED THEM!

  26. i have the tendency of acting very ebony, eversince highschool (african american)(my friends call me lequisha)
  27. i am deathly afraid of creepy crawlies
  28. i think bespectacled boys are the cutest, brace faces also
  29. i am obsessed with getting my eyebrows done
  30. i love chapstick
  31. i almost got kidnapped in primary 1

i am dead serious. primary 1 i was walking home alone because i hated the school bus, i was in Yio Chu Kang Primary School, and so i was walking to the lift of my block right, i already pressed for the lift, then this man, dark man in sunglasses with a blue buttoned down shirt approached me and asks for block whatever and i just pointed to him- it was across the street- and he said something along the lines of

can you follow me there because i dont know where it is. I HAVE SWEETS

fuck that man. i mean i know i used to be a lump of ass when i was little but boy, it will take more then sweets to lure me off nigga

BUT LUCKILY I SWEAR TO GOD I WAS LUCKY, on the day itself, at school, we had an assembly talk on DONT TALK TO STRANGERS! so i just bolted the fuck out of there when the lift came and ran home. like whoa, looking back im like, shiiiiiiiit, i ALMOST got kidnapped!

so there, some facts about me