Ramadhan 11



Hey guys just a little quick update via my lg optimus black my god mom bought me 😉

Downloaded the wordpress app and kinda experimenting with it.

So todays the first day of ramadhan and hows everyone doing? Good i hope. 29 days to go aight.

With puasa i aim to lose weight, like every year. I already bought my hari raya costume and its purple so red lips is redundant isnt it? I’ll have to stick with nude pink lips.

Exhibit A;
(This is where a picture of me is sposed to appear but idk if its somwhere else in this post)

So whats your colour this year?

Oh and i bought shoes too. 4 1/2 inch tan wedges from new look. (Again idk where the pic would end up)

Selamat Berpuasa 🙂


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