Humdrum Guy

People(some) make me want to stay single for the rest of my life.

Its like I want to be in a serious, level-headed, normal relationship but damn, the people that are left, damn, I just suddenly lose all my pent up desire to be in relationship!

Like I envy those girls who are in a nice healthy comfortable relationship and Im waiting for my turn but I will not settle for any humdrum guy man. like

I am not going to settle for a broke ass scrub okay.

Some people (this bitch) has been going on about how I am too “picky” and that thats why im never in a relationship. But whats wrong in that? Im picky for the right reasons. All these things, are preferences. And these are good things to have!

I like a Family guy, I prefer them to be older than me, I like a guy who is guarded by his religion and humour is important to me.

That is not being picky. I think those are good expectations to have. Its reasonable.

Sure, there will be compromises to make but not when youre just willing to adapt and adapt and adapt and end up with a lowlife.

I used to think that maybe lowering down my standards is the solution, but NO. Its not. Why lower your standards? Like why do girls keep doing that? Do they think they’re not worth of the standards they put up for themselves? You’re willing to go low to hook up with a million times below average guy?

Chivalry is dead and guys now (at least the one that stumbles in my life) they’re just, I dont know how to put it, the level that they perform in has severely dropped, in my opinion anyway. I mean, its just hard to meet someone genuine and sincere nowadays.

Its not just guys, to be honest. Some girls, they’re just too easy. Why?

A relationship that starts fast, ends fast. I’ll leave you with that.

My growing feminism is showing.


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