Gimme some lip, boy

Hello, gorgeous~

This post is dedicated to my one true love, makeup so if you’re not interested then, thanks for being one of my statistics and you can go click the “X” button of your many opened tabs aight.

And before I even get into it, let me just say, to all those trolls who think that make-up is for low self esteemed girls or fake chicks, why are you even here?

get the fuck out. Dont worry about me and what I put on my face kay!

So ladies, and Hafiiz, (lol), I need your help. Seriously. I have been sticking to nude lips for as long as I have been using lipsticks.

here, an example, dont mind my bucktooth and my face and my hair:

And, its time, I break up with my favourite lipstick shade of all time yall, of all time, the nudes.

You see I wanted to start on the baby pinks, but because Im a lady of colour, it looks bleh on me~ I have this (my first pink gloss ever) Sephora gloss in Cute Pink and well, its real cute but, no, it doesnt work for me you get what im sayin? its like a baby pink for babies~

So then I decided that maybe, I should start my Red Lip fever all over again. Like BAM! BAM! BAM! Bold~

Should I? Cause I dont know. Guess I just have to work it this Hari Raya yaknawhamsayin’? Im going for this look :

Like isnt that INTENSE? If Kelendria Rowland can pull that off so can I! (im talking about skin tones here, gurl, keep yo’ weave on kay)

So, whatdyouguys think? Try something new or stick to the old school?

Shout out to Hafiiz: Yesterday, boy, I dreamnt about you! I know! I dreamnt WE were running a wedding photo shoot! And we had the lights, camera, glitter and all that! Lol. Who run the world? US


3 Responses to Gimme some lip, boy

  1. Guest says:

    Try maroon or orangey tone. See how it works

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    they say an orange base looks best right? thanks or the suggestion anyways 🙂

  3. fizzyfizz says:

    OMG you know I read your blog. hahaha thx for the mention!!! 🙂

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