A couple of things put together

I have finally realized what triggered my writers coma. Books. And my anti-social wall I have built around myself.

Last time the sunlight hit me? Man, AGES AGO. AGES. Like on Sunday man. SUNDAY. Its freaking TUESDAY now!

I have been reading and staying in my cave (room, it has everything so why go out right? and going through society and having to talk to people? psh, no) and god damnit I am STILL reading Stephen Kings Under The Dome. Im STILL only 3/4 way through the book. I pride myself for being a fast reader. But this book. This book just grounds me. I feel like I have dyslexia trying to read this book. Go try

Anyways, I guess not going out isnt such a bad thing. I mean, what the hell? I dont have to get my hurr did, dont need to put my face on and I can wear whatever the hell I want to. Sweet. Just me, my Starbucks Tumblr filled with tea and a book, in my room, away from society.

Oh man, talking about Starbucks, it has been a million years since I saw my best friend/ lesbo partner, Nurul. I planned to text her but you know, we just plan to text her but then got around to do other stuff, yeah, well I didnt :\ But she did! She texted me and boy it was great to hear from her. I think we’re gonna watch HPDH2 at Cathay on a weekday cause its only $6

Cant wait.


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