Killing short lived friendships

Im listening to some Kings of Convenience and the songs just puts me in a pondering sort of mood.

A situation I just encountered triggered me to write this post. And its about making new friends, forging a relationship with complete strangers.

And Im not very good at that.

I wish I could just chill and be fluid with these things. But Im not. I kill alot of short lived friendships and I dont know whats wrong with me. I kill them because they just dont think the way I do. Thats a problem for me. I stand my ground on what I believe in, and thats not always good.

I also have these stupid fucking walls around me up every single second of my life. I just shut people off. Its annoying. Its annoying damnit. And I dont know how to change.

Sometimes I just want to cry about it. But then I drop it and move along.


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