get a job will ya?

So I got about 6 month to the October intake and my mom told me to get a job. Guuuuuurl I tell you I was like

Did she just say the J word? Oh good lawd, no! I am not ready to step into the working world god nooooooo~ Yeah, I know, I know, grow some balls right?

So I decided that maybe, maybe it could work you know, get a part time job, get some cash, spend some cash. So I then I started the thinking process.

  1. Transportation = Adult Fare
  2. I want nothing to do with Cashiering
  3. Or Waiting tables

So then you know what came up in my brilliant mind? Yishun Library. Yeah you heard/saw what I typed. Maybe I should work at the Yishun Library. Air conditioned, its at Northpoint which is like a few blocks away and I mean, PSHHHH its the Library! What kind of nonsense can happen there like PSHHHH. Plus like I like books you know.

You know, boy, I could be your personal Librarian

I SWEAR it sounded waaaaaay sexier in my head 😉

Where you working at? Gurll the Library, you know gettin some knowledge while working like guuuurl. And if Im lucky there’ll be that cute nerd guy I can see.

Sidenote, cute guy in the library will never happen because you know, cute guys dont go to library no more.

Also Im thinking of The Body Shop at Sembawang Shopping Center. Like I’ll be surrounded by MAKEUP! I’ll be so goddamn happy! and plus its like deserted there. Like who the hell goes to SSC to go to Body Shop you know? Like easy. Although the downside is that I’ll probably have to do some cashiering. Which I will freak about like I’ll suddenly paralyze with fear when processing the customers order or something.



2 Responses to get a job will ya?

  1. fizzyfizz says:

    Hey I still go to the library. What? I ain’t cute for you anymore? Haha

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    LOL! You never cute, just FIERCE boy! you on FIYAHH!

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