UP or down

All the hardwork for nothing! In the waiting for too long and it is driving me nuts! You know what I already have come to a conclusion that I will never get to set foot in a Polytechnic in 2011 so Im ruling out all other options I can get my hands on.

  • Nitec in Nursing, College EAST

I just want to say that I CLEARLY KNOW that this is a DOWNGRADE from what Im holding (HNitec in Events Management). But Nursing provides a STABLE JOB with STEADY INCOME and BONUSES.

However being a Nurse would mean ever changing work schedule.

AND I would be 20 if I decided to enroll next year, January. 20. And my younger cousins are all going into their 1st- 2nd year Polytechnic.

PEOPLE WILL TALK. People already talked when I entered ITE. Now? Theyre gonna YELL about it, man, forget talking, they gon YELL about it.

I guess I’ll just have to have the mindset like

  • (Private Dip) MDIS Diploma in Psychology /Marketing

That will never happen. NEVER. Even if I worked my ass off to pay off all those money that is just IMPOSSIBLE because my parents will MURDER ME if they find out I want to give a shot at this.

Damnit this is no joke man.

  • WORK

Full Time at 19. Mediocre living. And just to put it out there, IM NOT READY TO WORK FULLTIMEEEE. You guys get it? I dont want to work full time at 19.

Im scared shitless of what is out there, damnit.

What organisation wants a worker with an ITE cert? They look at Diplomas. Where does that lead me? Waitressing at Swensens?


update; Moshein said there’s an October intake. Consider? but like wtf i didnt get in now why the hell would i get it later?


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