i dont know if i’ll make it, but watch how good i fake it


ugh im like waiting for the acceptance of my appeal to Temasek and Nanyang Polytechnic after Republic kicked my ass out of its doorstep. waiting is not easy im telling you this. if i could go on bawling untill i get it, i would

baobei and cm got rejected and i still havent got any sort of reply from TP

is it possible to forget how to blog?

after finals it was all easy breezy. got my results for finals and it was still breezy, i did aight. distinction, B, B. pretty swell eh? i was so sure id get my well deserved slot

until the next day when i found out i didnt score any slots at any polytechnic. yeah, i was depressed and smoking so much red charlie sheen would say im winning

so i ran my ass to Republic on the same day to quickly appeal, dragging the classmates whos in the same boat with me. so then day after day was just running to every polytechnic in Singapore except Ngee An and Singapore Poly to beg to get a slot.

thing that gets me is that i did well. i did good man i jumped a 0.6GPA for finals. and the thing that pisses me the frig off was that people with a lower GPA compared to me, GOT A DAMN PLACE IN POLY. LIKE WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LOGIC?!?! even with all the events backing my ass up I STILL lost to someone WITH A LOWER GPA WITH NO GOOD TESTIMONIAL WHATSOEVER like bish what the fuck? like what the fuckery is this cause this is not funny the frig.

while i was rambling my ass off, pissed at this stupendous factoid, my mom says “dah rezeki deorang, sbab tu dorang dapat. rezeki aisyah belom kesampaian” which to me just translates to “kau memang suay ah”

its like i worked hard for this man. i worked hard for finals. and i see the improvements , i see the jump! but

and then Republic Polytechnic rejected me. I read the email at about 11PM and CRIED MY ASS OUT IN THE DARK LISTENING TO IN THE END- Linkin Park. i had like a nervous breakdown man, that night. im telling you i was thinking suicide, i was acting crazy. its like i cannot stop crying and my hands were shaking so i did what i do best. light it up outside you know, calm my tits down

my friends were all telling me to not give up but i was all “leave me to dieeeeee” i think they got kinda annoyed. sorry guys my mind was just fucked up

and now im still in the waiting game




2 Responses to i dont know if i’ll make it, but watch how good i fake it

  1. fizzyfizz says:

    I wish you all the best for the appeal thingy! Really hope you get in. šŸ™‚

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    thanks man šŸ˜€

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