i need a study date/(s)

ugh why cant information get locked down in my head after i highlight facts. ugh~

everytime i try to drop some knowledge into my brain it goes pretty well, until the next 2 hours or so. like i can be studying pretty good by myself and then like if i started at 12pm and then by friggin 2 pm i’ll be like a zombie and i’ll be like looking around me and eventually start singing to my ipod or something

i need a study date like ASAP

i dont know man, its like i study better under pressure. like when people is looking at me and like breathing down my neck and like i feel like im one step from a wrong move to never see my family again. you know? oh no, that sounds kind of sexy. stockholm syndrome kicking in

Application Form

Declaration: Yes I will study with Aisyah Noor because she begged me to because she’s a loser who needs someone to study with. loser

save meh for finals please please pleaseeeeeeee~


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