18days to finals/facebook friends

i just wanted to let you all know, that finals is in 18 days. i’ll countdown to finals for us guys

yes, yes, i know some of us are like f u c k when you realize how short our time in ITE is left before we take the papers that determines our future job and the wage we’re bringing in

im scared

and kind of sad. sad because i know after all this we’ll only remain facebook friends you know. like its secondary school graduation all over. “hi i saw you at the mrt station!” or the “happy birthday!” via facebook kind of friends. damn, thats sad man. and we’ll be like “oh man, w got to arrange for a gathering!” and no one actually bothers to plan it and all. haha, damn. and facebook friends will forever remain facebook friends and nothing more

oh wells, i guess thats just life and the changes that goes with it šŸ™‚ fuck man, no, not happy face smiley bullshit, its sad ass teary smiley bullshit šŸ˜„

also, im doing the all nighter routine like the O lvl days. its a little like this



One Response to 18days to finals/facebook friends

  1. fizzyfizz says:

    OMG I love the Raven pictures

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