vday/pjms/the lord is testing me

14th February 2011 spent wisely at Starbucks, flirting with the barista, reading up for PJMS CA tomorrow, catching up with suz

so many chocolates and balloons and flowers and glitter pushed up in my face today but i was all MOVE BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY, GET OUT THE WAY BITCH, GET OUT THE WAAAAY

oh and that cute NS guy, boy hello~ i see you watching me, you see me watching you. got this from you babe 😉

survived on a venti chai this time and unit 1 & 2 covered in a span of a couple of hours while people watching is an achievement okay~

was supposed to hit the bucks at novena with the bestfriend but she rather work than spend valentines day with me. i spend time doing my hurr and my make up and this fucking bitch. i totally got all up in her ass just now. so many melodic exchange of vulgarities. but we still make up, thats just how we roll

you jealous?

and to those who say people who use vulgarities are just vocabularly challenged, if theres such thing, fuck you. fuck you in the ass. this is how i express myself at it works so move bitch

also so i settled for a study date with suz and she ordered some spearmint bullshit tazo tea. it tasted alright

also now im up and awake trying to study for this PJMS CA tomorrow and ugh i hate it so much

in conclusion vday alone and PJMS CA

good luck to all the babies taking the PJMS CA tomorrow okay, werk


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