finals/ friction

#nowplaying (on repeat) Tavie McCoy- We’ll Be Alright

damn i feel like im at the end of my sanity

you all know finals is lurking around the corner, marinating us in fear and exhaustion. atleast i feel that way anyways

  • MICE presentation is done and over. now its theory crunch time
  • PJMS proposal and the software bullshit is done and forever over. also theory crunch time. CA’s on the 14th



  • IEP presentation and proposal by the 13th

im fucking nervous for finals man, fucking nervous. i keep changing my JPAE submission so now its

im probably going to keep changing it. but im settling for this first. you know, get any damn slot and opt for a course exchange kind of plan. for now. but damn i really want to get into marketing

the prom issue thing is causing a friction between classes. my call? pshhhhhh~

im sorry IEI is the least supportive bunch of people ever in your history of events

im sorry you are all upset/angered/shitting bricks/hoping that we die in a pit of hellfire

the thing is that its prom, black and white. the scenario would be a little like this. now i already paid $50 for the ticket. damn now i got to get my hair did $$. and gurl, i’ll have to buy/rent a damn dress $$. dont get me started on heels $$. because you know we all would want to look fabulous for prom. but damn, $$$$$ the kaching is an issue here

if it was a party/club type of event, you know where its F.O.C or below 25 bucks and everyone can wear whatever the hell they want and there’ll be music and lights and all, the chances of a great response is high. you know? because we know its all going to be fun and crazy and just F.U.N yaknawhamsayin’?


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