Monday; JPAE Submission/Prom

today was a good monday

JPAE is already open, for those of you who are interested to apply

so after much debate with myself i finally settled down on 5 courses that i have interest in

click to enlarge, baby

as you guys can clearly see, i am going for Marketing at NP and TP. i think this is something im good in, and im interested in so there you go

and dont bite my ass for putting RP in. excuse you, if the rest of the polytechnics decided i wasnt good enough, RP can still safe my ass, hopefully you know what im saying? my ms becky says to be practical and reasonable. i think my choices are pretty practical. i dont think alot are interested in Marketing (O lvl studs) so theres a glimmer of hope. all that is left to do is study study study for finals

i got MICE presentation for finals on Friday so wish me luck

also, one of the events class IEF i think it was, were doing their Prom registration today at the foyer. basically their whole idea was to hold a Black and White, Prom for the graduating event management students

at first i was like ‘oh wow great, cool’ when they came to our class last friday until i saw the fee i think it was $50

and then it made me think. should i spend $50 on the prom that less than 10% of the class will go for or should i save that money for the class chalet, where me and my friends are the organizers and i know we’re gonna have so much fun for the 3 days 2 nights

defo class chalet

i do feel kinda bad that the class isnt so supportive of the prom thing but then the IEF guy said that day 1 registration was pretty good so i hope it’ll be a success for them

also, mo said youre not allowed to bring dates 😐 which is a major blow off because isnt that whats prom all about? the dates and the having fun part? oh wells, sending positive energy for the prom thing in a form of Mo and Shah who already registered

also julie was like “whats your cuties name again? he’s kind of wasted sia”

and i was like “the drinking part right?”

shes like “yeah i saw the tequilas for breakfast. wasted sia”

i was all “i know right, he always strikes to me as the kind of nice guys you know”

shes like “thats why. oh wells, ape nak jadi”

and i said “and he’s gay recently too i think. double damn. haha”

in conclusion of the coversation, cutie patootie is “not that innocent” lol britney

also they were playing some arctic monkeys during the registration amongst the many clubbing songs so it was good



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