revisions/im sick/this sucks

i feel like i got punched in the uvula and my tonsils are swollen. i have a sore-throat and this godddamn flu is not helping me at all. im also feverish

i wonder how i got sick. i mean, im a healthy person. oh wait, has this got something to do with the friday i was walking back home and then suddenly it rained on me. as in it poured on me! damn

seriously now, life, you got to stop fucking with me

ugh i havent done my PJMS revision about how to be a project manager and some of this bullshit. theres an upcoming CA for that and ughhhhh

PJMS is at the end of my fucking asshole >:'( but i really want to ace this so bad

fever fever go away! im like coughing like a mad person here and i feel sick as shit ughhhhhhhhhhhh

_|_ this


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