The D-List

hi guys. yes, 90% of the class is on the debarment list. as of now. wonderful isnt it? you shut your pie hole before you even attempt to start yelling at how unfair it is okay because gurl, you brought it upon yourself

besides, im also on the D list

apparently we all get debarred for our actual attendance in class which to me is just batshit crazy

the fact that it does not tally with what actual attendance the monitor/monitress had taken is just pissing me off. how is it that my partner gets a higher attendance score than me, when WHENEVER THERE IS HER ASS IN CLASS, YOU WILL SEE MINE. this is absolute shit i hate it

also, it was an hours class today and only 11 people turned up eventhough i motherfucking told you guys that it is compulsary to come because ms. becky had to run over some shit that has something to do with our graduating to polytechnic and how our miserable ass attendance aint going to let it happen

look i fucking know that coming for an hours class is motherfucking ridiculous but why can amalina who lives at the other side of the island drag her ass down to school to sit through this important class and your ass cant?

damn it guys, the monitor already said its compulsary cant you just fucking come down?

damn if you did come down and is all pissed at the revelation then i aint even mad. but now your ass was missing in action and when you found out 2nd hand about the list you go all ape shit that just ANNOYS THE FUCKING DAYLIGHT out of me

you dont come for classes, and now youre mad because according to you it is impossible to get debarred from finals and thats just bullshit that you dont think its fair and shit like that and SHUT THE HELL UP OKAY?

if you never turn your ass up to class then you will get fucking debarred dont you tryyy and tell me that it isnt fair and thats bullshit okay?

if you did come to class and somehow youre still on the debarment list then be my guest, you can rant all you want here and i’ll probably join your ass because thats just motherfucking unfair

and dont go telling me that “it is impossible” and shit okay boy because i dont see your jacked up face around

damn i am pissed right now

i am pissed because i am on the debarment list and i know i dont fucking deserve, fuck, half of the people on the list dont deserve to be on it okay.




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