wednesdays; school/starbucks

wednesdays are my favourite. for one, its starbucks day, where me and 2 of my girls will catch up at the local bucks, usually novena. and wednesdays is like the just right day. you know, away from monday away from saturday. like its neutral

today after class i went to meet them up at novena. the weather was cold and wet

one thing about the rain, it always makes me feel nothingness. you get what im trying to say? i just feel nothing and with that, rain makes me think of things

#nowplaying Graig David- Rise and Fall

90% of the time whenever i drop by starbucks with my bestfriends i always feel happy. i always feel good and id laugh like theres no tomorrow and id just be extremely relieved of whatever current feeling i was feeling about school, about whatever

the other 10% of the times i would sit and look at the 2 laughing like lunatics, smiling at them every once in awhile to show that im a-okay when in actual fact im just thinking deeply about what i feel about anything, getting connected with my feelings

today was that 10% day for me. my 2 friends actually noticed but i brushed it off real quickly. i know me, this is just one of those days~

they got their drinks and cookies and i was behind them at the queue but i dont know what made me go off back to our sofas. the rain is really getting to me

after being forced to get my usual fix i finally got up and got to the counter

the usual dialog “grande chai latte, having here please”

and then there was that cute barista. im telling you, i have this thing for the starbucks uniform on a guy. i dont know what thing, i cant put my finger on it. like a fetish? i just realize how weird i am. atleast its not something gross right? like foot fetish? thats just, leave it for the fishes at the fish spa yaknawhamsayin’? haha whatever aisyah, youre still weird

i can say im weird, you cant. you know why? because

i give up on school. seriously. i give up. im done trying to keep my head in the game and come to school for absolute shit. i give up and i dont care trying to get my classmates to come for classes. come if you want, if you dont thats your problem

right now the best bet is to study intensively by myself, with a couple friends so we’ll prosper together

absolute shit


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