reasons:school sucks/he drinks/no hope

okay okay i know youre all going like “eh aisyah, you took the 30day challenge and you left at fucking day 12

look im sorry okay! i mean look wait, okay crap my book of excuses is used up dry. its just that ive been busy with school and finals and catching up on my damn sleep okay? chill out

so let me start this proper okay?

ayo girl/boy. how are you so far? been good? i hope you’re doing just fine. and oh damn baby girl/boy, did you lose weight? lookin’ fine babay!

well im back to these cold shitty days in school and nothings change eventhough finals is in 6 weeks

classes are still getting canceled and i just feel like we go to school to just sit in a corner and become stoners

i hear the classmates that always never turn up for school but who can blame them? schedule sucks, we come for an hours class sometimes and when it gets really bad,

we come to school to hear first hand that school’s out

like seriously? seriously now

you cant blame us for not going. school is demotivating (gurl, is that even a word?)  us to actually try to bulk up

maybe some of you might give me the

“if you really cared about your future, youd be unmoved by this and be disciplined and do self revision to prepare for finals”

very true. but come on. COME ON! we’re in ITE. since when ITE students promised that we’re capable of taking care of our own academics independently?

im sorry im already just freaking out. i really need to know that the teachers are backing us up for finals

also i recently found out that cutie patootie actually consumes alcohol. damn boy, whyd you pick up drinking? damn


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