Challenge day 12: Bullet through Wednesday

school on wednesday, who wants to go home?

  • woke up tangled in the sheets. cold and comfy, didnt want to leave sanctuary
  • eventually woke up, took a long ass bath and got ready for school
  • amount of effort to look good, ZERO
  • realized was early
  • met nana and walked to school, complaining about the weather. it rained 3 days straight and at 12pm, it is warm as an oven
  • M.I.C.E lesson, freaked out by how little time we have left before finals
  • continue to freak out when Ms Marie Nair said that the paper is going to be harder than a 16 year old cock in a strip club
  • took a break at the canteen and putra talked about his Kencing Kuda
  • we talked about Kencing Kuda throughout and now its stuck
  • looked at the watch oh noes, its 3pm, we are all like “can we not go for PJMS?”
  • P.J.M.S Ms Jas said there was plans with IEH or was it IEF on Friday
  • did group pop quizes
  • hated it
  • released early and i cant wait to get the fuck out
  • was walking with the group halfway to the MRT station and it went pouring down on us
  • ran like a pack of wolves. white top and black bra with pink lace details, i better run the fuck
  • mud in crocs
  • got oreo crush bubbletea for $1.80, cheap and all good
  • went home in drizzling rain. 3 straight days in a row and counting
  • warm bath at home
  • entertained Fayzan Naif because he wear the huggies in the house so he’s the king
  • very tired
  • very very tired
  • hoping for an early night



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