Challenge day 8; And the winner goes to

Aisyah Noor and Julie Karmila from ITE COLLEGE CENTRAL BISHAN for being 1st runner up for the SMRT Marketing Apprentice Challenge!

and both of us literally went like

and like everything went blur for me we literally JUMPED UP from our seats and RAN to the stage to collect the check

i am so proud of myself for that you know. its like WE represented the school, and we WON second place $600 bucks

it started out as a whatever thing for me and julie, we werent even involved in the 1st round. but then our class proposal got selected and our form teacher ms becky signed me and julie up to represent our class for the trip to malaysia to Mecure Palm RESORT

its got INCENTIVE TRAVEL written all over it

and then after hours of grueling lectures about presentations and creativity and whatever, we got back to singapore to do another proposal, completely different from the 1st one, to see if we’re cut out to be in the quater finals

WORK WAS LAST MINUTE. julie and i had no intentions whatsoever to qualify. it was just for the sake of attendance

but then we did qualify. up for semi finals now and we step up our game, now mama plays to win

and eventually we got to finals with hard work for about 3 solid months, juggling social life, school work and everything. i swear i felt so determined im sure julie was too. we WANTED to win SO BAD

stayed back with mr erick and lionell and annabelle and the both of us rehersed, created scripts. we stayed back in the lab, just the both of us, to do POSTERS and PROTOTYPES for this challenge. tell me that isnt faith man

the day comes, we got groomed by some people, i swear i felt like a celebrity. we got our face and hair done. we were ready. the thing is we already know that we’re going to win. i swear. you have to see the other finalist. not really there yet. but the thing is, we didnt know what POSITION we would be at. and sitting through their presentations, we were the last pair to present, we spot who are our possible threats

but whatever eventually we won so thats what matters

the things that makes me so fucking proud is that

  • ITE’s PRINCIPAL CAME OVER TO US to shake our goddamn hands during the mingling session. HE came over TO US
  • Mr Faris basically HUGGED US and he looked so fucking proud
  • We got congratulated by people WE DONT EVEN KNOW
  • We got interviewed, Photographed and all that good stuff

the best thing for me was that people actually looked at us WITH ADMIRATION IN THEIR EYES.

  • julie and i was the ostrong>nly PAIR OF MALAY GIRLS that won. the rest were in groups of 3s


we won and we made a name for ourselves


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