Challenge day 6; 30 Facts

alright guys, we are already on day 6 i am extremely excited to complete the challenge. my friend hafiiz is also taking part on this so you can check him out at

  1. i am a Visual Learner
  2. Oldest AND Youngest in the family. Oldest at legit family, Youngest at foster family. (im living the best of both worlds)
  3. Does not own an MP3 player eversinced the last one died in 2005
  4. Hopeless romantic
  5. Easily excitable
  6. i never had a valentine. relationships either ends before vday or starts after
  7. i am extremely blind without my spectacles or contact lenses (550 with astigmatism on both eyes)
  8. i use to collect Doraemon comics
  9. i collect Archie comics
  10. im very family oriented, so dont fuck around with my blud allllright?
  11. i find it hard to express sadness to people
  12. i love how i met your mother and i would fuck the living daylight out of Marshall
  13. i have an awesome gay schooling bff
  14. i love books
  15. i love coffee
  16. i love chai latte
  17. i would only go to starbucks for my caffeine fix
  18. i only drink Evian or Fiji water. only when im really desperate for water and those 2 arent available, i’ll  go for the *gulps* other bottled ones
  19. i love soy milk
  20. im very OCD about having my teeth cleaned, rinsed and flossed 4 times a day
  21. i have never broken a bone in my life. and i’d like to keep it that way
  22. harry potter fan/ stan
  23. i write alot
  24. Nsync used to own my life back in primary 4
  25. i know it looks like a porn movie poster and all of them are about to give justin a joyride on their disco stick but I LOVED THEM!

  26. i have the tendency of acting very ebony, eversince highschool (african american)(my friends call me lequisha)
  27. i am deathly afraid of creepy crawlies
  28. i think bespectacled boys are the cutest, brace faces also
  29. i am obsessed with getting my eyebrows done
  30. i love chapstick
  31. i almost got kidnapped in primary 1

i am dead serious. primary 1 i was walking home alone because i hated the school bus, i was in Yio Chu Kang Primary School, and so i was walking to the lift of my block right, i already pressed for the lift, then this man, dark man in sunglasses with a blue buttoned down shirt approached me and asks for block whatever and i just pointed to him- it was across the street- and he said something along the lines of

can you follow me there because i dont know where it is. I HAVE SWEETS

fuck that man. i mean i know i used to be a lump of ass when i was little but boy, it will take more then sweets to lure me off nigga

BUT LUCKILY I SWEAR TO GOD I WAS LUCKY, on the day itself, at school, we had an assembly talk on DONT TALK TO STRANGERS! so i just bolted the fuck out of there when the lift came and ran home. like whoa, looking back im like, shiiiiiiiit, i ALMOST got kidnapped!

so there, some facts about me


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