Challenge day 4; Religion

this is a serious post, im just telling you guys now. if youre not into serious and controversial and sensitive posts, get out

so religion is the topic that im challenged to bring up on my blog. it is not a light topic, i must say, and i know that if i say something out of line i will be damned for eternity

as you all know, i am Islamic. born and raised via the Islamic path. relax, im not going to force my religion down your throat. im just saying it as how i feel so my judgement on religion will be based on the Islamic ways

Islam as a whole

ignorant people seem to believe that Islam is a religion based on fear. due to the terrorist cases and wars and jihad and whatever right? i find this kind of stupid and it is a misconception, at the very least

you know the problem with people is that they act like they know shit when they dont

you know what i cant tackle this issue like this. so im going in with a different approach

Do people nowadays take religion seriously? how about that? more my level

sad to say, no. majority of the people out there do not. im not saying im extremely religious or anything. im not, and im ashamed of that

i go out nowadays, these days seeing girls, in short shorts and bikinis and pierced everwhere, spouting vulgarities everwhere and

you know what? no. i cant seem to be able to put my thoughts into words, im done with this

whatever it is, im just proud that im a muslim and i wont have it any other way


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