Challenge day 3: Drugs and Alcohol

oooh~ drugs and alcohol for me?

no, just no. i think both is stupid and i wouldnt have any of it, EVER

i really have nothing much to say about this topic. i just think both are stupid as a whole. i mean, why would someone take drugs? cheap thrills that makes you high? look man, i dont need to do all these stuff. i get high on life

and the booze? it is againts my religion so naturally i wouldnt have any of it. it smells like piss anyways and i think people drink to escape from reality and have a good time? yeah and then end up getting butt raped at the end of an ally. very classy

i honestly hate it when 15 year olds talk about getting “sooo drunk last night~”. im like

your mom still buys your underwear so dont talk about getting soooo drunk last night because you think youre dope and all that bullshit


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