challenge day 2; 10 years older

look at that baby angel. well i think he’s supposed to be James P. “Sulley” Sullivan. you know, the big blue monster from monsters inc.? adorable isnt he :3

well in 10 years time id be 29. and at that age, i would very much like to be married, have a happy family. id like to already have kids by that age. 2, 3 i dont know. i like kids, and im a very family oriented person so, to me, the bigger the family the better. if you can support 5 kids and lead a very comfortable life then why not right?

at 29 id like to be financially stable, where i know i can support my family without anyone, plus giving my parents some support. to have a husband who can support me and my family is very important, but whats more important to me is knowing that i can do it all by myself. incase the worst happens, i wont be out on the streets begging for money, or or working 3 jobs at the same time or having to give up my kids for adoption you know?

also at 29, i would like to have a well off job. id like to be successful and id like to be able to love what im doing. i envision myself doing counseling for estranged married couples and trying to piece them back together. for the most part i love drama and to handle them would pretty much be a dream job. and maybe for some spare ribs id write a book or something, nothing for the shelves or anything, just personal achievements you know? writing has always been my first love

oh wow im smiling so much rereading this post. but hey, all the good things dont come easy so i know i have to work hard


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