challenge day 1; Singlesville

honestly i think i blogged countless of times about this

what happens to me in all the previous relationships is that either i hooked up with a jerkhole, or the relationship is moving too fast. like way too fast, and way too physical and too fast. you get what i mean?

like im never on the same page as any of my exes were. so that was a problem, everytime

you know with school and family and work commitments, i rarely stayed on the same page with anyone

lets see, being a resident in  singlesville currently is pretty mind numbing. its not like i want to be here you know but at the same time, the people out there, i cant see myself spending most of my time with

well there is this cutie patootie but he doesnt count right? since he doesnt even know. and it sucks that i couldnt be the 21st century girl and just ask him out. its just not me. im just shy, believe it or not

so i guess floating in the sea of singles is what fate planned for me. for now

but you know fate is a joke

i pretty much feel this way

Sometimes it’s difficult trying to keep the faith in meeting people that are genuine, sweet, funny and interesting. A lot of people don’t bother making an effort these days… or have really bad social etiquette or are just too self-involved to care. Mind you, I believe your own-self is most definitely one of the highest priorities that you should have, but in a social setting, I like to have the mindset that everyone is equal and on the same level. I don’t try to make myself look like I’m more important or in a higher social class.. no matter how you look or act, I like to give people a chance. And even after many times of “giving a people multiple chances”, I’ve become disheartened with the fact, like I previously said.. that people…JUST.DON’T.CARE.ANYMORE.

I pride myself on being a people type of person and I LOVE meeting new people and getting to know new friends and just getting involved. It’s difficult these days. I know who are my true friends and who I can depend on.

Do i sound cynical? I surely hope not. I think I’m just having one of those days.



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