expectations, expectations

you know we all try and try and try to impress people, try to reach their expectations, to get in their good books. some of us eventually succeed. but some of us, some of us just keep on trying. until when?

just putting this out there, this is a very bitter, lack of sleep and mugs of coffee induced post. also im listening to alot of 3 doors down and nickleback and i might throw in some yellowcard. if youre prone to getting defensive and offended, i suggest fucking off. i need a red eye

you know what im sick of? people and their expectations. expectations in general

sometimes, especially at times like these, 2, 3 AM in the morning when every living sole i know is asleep or generally away from me, when im left alone with my thoughts, i think about these things

why cant we just be happy with what we already have? i mean, why do we keep expecting things from other people? arent they good enough already?

some people say expectations are what makes people thrive for the best. well, fuck you

expectations makes me batshit crazy. people expect so much from you and theres only so much you can do. its like you give your 100% and they still ask more from you. its exhausting

do you guys feel this way, sometimes?

from family members, asking you to be a better person, daughter, son, to bestfriends, friends, asking you to change to a better person, to kick the bad habit or something. to lovers, who never ever ever feel satisfied for what we try to give, for lovers who always, constantly trying to change us, to be a better partner for them

  • why cant you be more like your brother?
  • you need to be more sensitive you know
  • you dont understand our situation, why are you not giving us more attention?
  • attend to me!
  • why cant you love me?
  • you have issues with yourself, fix it?
  • youre always our little disappointment, be better next time?
  • your GPA is not high enough? are you sure you want to go to poly?
  • youre slipping, bulk up

i am exhausted. i tried, believe me i did

some of us just take take take and dont plan to stop. even if whatever they have is already perfect. you know? its like theres no such thing as perfect. theres only, better

i used to aim to please but now,i have only 1 new years resolution for next year. 2011, i plan to live for myself


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