cake, and band hero

haha! that picture! funny! haha i would probably CRY MY ASS OUT IF I GOT IT on my birthday

today was bipolar like that. and my face probably has been as retarded but not as stunning as queen hathaway’s

elfira, azlin and i decided to do a


yeah come on now! spin yo’ pizza! suzzies turning legal! eventhough most of us are eagerly waiting for our 19th!

late bloomer~

it turned out pretty well

  • we met up
  • got a sweet ass chocolate cake from prima deli
  • light up the 18 candles and rang the door bell
  • suzzie opens the door and smiles like a horse

until after the cake cutting ceremony. azlin dropped the cake

DUN DUN FUCKIN DUN. but it was funny, we were laughing and were like

well, atleast we dont have to cut the cake proportionately

and gary, suzzies rabbit, was licking all the chocolate the cake left on the floor. he likes chocolate

and then the whole day was dedicated to playing BAND HERO man. BAND HERO

it was fun since all of us kinda sucked. but we didnt care bro, we were raping the drum set and the guitar and the mike. like we’re rockstars now. ROCKSTARS I TELL YOU!

you should have seen me man. doing backflips with the fucking guitar!

and then we did a little thrift shopping at cotton on. HAHAHA

bought a navy blue cardigan and this cute ass tank top. im going for the “college student out to starbucks to rewind” kind of look now :3


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