ho ho ho, merry christmas

HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS! brought to you by this scary ass, capable of rape charges, Santa Claus

to those who instead of spending the eve with their family decides to read my blog, internet kisses and hugs.

how is it that i get sick on christmas eve? totally unacceptable

i was up all freaking night till the wee mornings because i cant seem to sleep. i think i got abit crazy hyper mode at around 3AM and was talking on sorts of b.s on msn

i have been lying on the couch in my hoodie, controller in one hand, and switching the channels since i woke up just now. im like

man i really want some warm sweet chai in a big ass mug served to me right now, i feel miserable

lesson learnt; when your mom says ‘bring an umbrella dear’ no matter how fucking bright the sun is shining directly to your forehead, just DO IT. you’ll never know when the clouds decides to release its long, cold, piss on you. totally unpredictable

eventhough i felt like i was shot several times in the brain, and how many packets of tissue i have wasted wiping mucus off my face, and how much i remind myself of a man when i speak, and how i look like death. i was still cheery because it is christmas eve. and you know what that means. HOME ALONE MARATHON!

i honestly love the christmas season. eventhough i dont personally celebrate it. i just love its atmosphere. i mean, go down town, “snowflakes” and christmas trees EVERYWHERE. go to the apple store, santa’s hoes EVERYWHERE. and then if youre lucky, some skinny asian santa decides to pop up!

happy christmas loves!


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