oh hai, new neighbour

so i was still sleeping right? like at about 8- 9.30am and then i woke up. i didnt wake up with the sun creeping in from my window nor did the earth said hello to me (charlie and the chocolate factory quote). i woke up to my neighbours. my NEW neighbour

first things first, they are, indians. now im no rascist, i think dev patel is one thin, smexy mother fucker in a suit

so the newbies are indians, not that i mind, but man, the kids, THE KIDS DRIVE ME NUTS. man, i wanted to strangle their skinny necks! they scream “MA!” every chance they get and they play their little indian games INFRONT OF MY GODDAMN GATE! WHY? I DONT EVEN KNOW!

i wanted to slap the indian out of them. i understand that theyre just kids and yeah, kids can be noisy but they were just going at it from 9 to 5. i mean, SHUT THE HELL UP MAN! good god

we all know indians are known to be a little on the loud side, if you will. but i swear to god i did not KNOW that all the peace and serenity of my corridor would be tarnished by screams of “MA!” and some tounge twisters, a couple of rapping and more “AMAs!”

please god, dont turn me into the evil neighbour

another thing, i think they arent from around here (singapore) because, they smell. no, they dont have odors or anything like that. they smell, of, SPICES. everytime i walk past their area, i get a strong whiff of curry or cardamom pods or cinnamon sticks. i feel like im at the local mamak shop and it just, i dont know, it just gets to me

i wanted to put up another chunk of paragraph, saying how im not being a racist towards indians or something like that to bail me out but i figured even if i do, some pleople will still call me out for being racist towards the indians. so here it is;

im not racist towards the indians, eventhough some are a little weird and some smell really bad. and eventhough i do not find flowers stuck into their oiled hair is pretty, or how the ankle bracelets annoy me everytime it makes a sound (“kelings”). hey, if it makes you feel better, i love the indian culture, all currys and colour (by the saris, i meant) and hey, i go threading every so often, so that basically means im living an indian life..was that last part too much? and who can forget the movie “The Love Guru”? Indian blackground baby! i mean blackground. i mean BACKGROUND. its one of my favourite movies man

so kids, so neighbour, if youre reading this (chances are very slim to none) please, i beg you, shut the hell up

P.S im not a racist

P.P.S i swear im not


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