oh here comes the holidays


not like that, thats just wrong

holidays are almost here i could smell it. i have everything planned out for me this holidays

  • The Priority

The priority is to lose more of this goddamn weight for real this time. Already booked the slots for my Pilates sessions and if god willing, i’ll start swimming again. dancing alone like a mad cow in the house also works so, we’ll see about that

and you’ll see


  • The REAL Priority

Got to start reading up shouldnt i? i mean, with the finals coming closer and all i should start doing shit to help myself. and not forgetting all the projects we have to finish AND ace. make starbucks my new home and tracksuits my new favourite outfit. sipping on some chai, smoking up salvia (harhar, stab at miley) and digesting on some textbooks. sounds perfect eh? perfect…per…

its okay guys, we’re all in this together


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