the things i wonder

we all have questions we are afraid to ask. right? and i came across a blog post where the guy just list down a list of questions he’s afraid to ask

so the following questions arent directly aimed at 1 person so, here goes; the things i wonder

  1. Do you feel obliged to talk to me?
  2. How are feeling today? Hows your day?
  3. Why are you such an asshole?
  4. Why cant you just get that i dont like you?
  5. Do you notice how i notice you?
  6. Is that relationship youre in worth the fight?
  7. What do you see in her?
  8. What do you see in him?
  9. Will something eventually happen between us?
  10. Why are you so grumpy all the time?
  11. Why are you so happy all the time?
  12. Is money really that important to you?
  13. Dont you ever think of people’s feeling before saying stuff?
  14. Why is there a need for you to act like youre the shit?
  15. Do you really think youre the shit?
  16. Do you know i think youre perfect?
  17. How would you feel if i tell you i dont really like you?
  18. Would you cry if id stop talking to you?
  19. How do you stay so beautiful?
  20. Do you know that looking at you from a distance makes me smile?

i can go on and on, trust me. but this are the few things, the few questions im too afraid to ask


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