i like coffee

hi guys

so ive been spending alot alot ALOT of time on starbucks nowadays just chilling with my babes, laughing around like assholes

i swear, my mental stability improves by 50% everytime i just hang out with my girls with a grande caramel macchiato and the oatmeal and raisin monster cookie with a bottle of ice cold evian and a laptop with built in camera. i love this state of life

oh hello uncle whom i have no idea at the back of the picture spoiling this picture from whomever i dont know because i ripped it off the interwebz~ caramel macchiato, have it this way, its orgasmic. and its pretty~

did i tell you my bestfriend decided to mix up mine one day and im like

and i got crazy and punched her in the nose? yeah, its that good youd sock anyone who spoils it. i didnt punch her in the face, but in my head i was like ‘KA-POW BITCH!’

anyways, today was probably the worst starbucks treatment day ever. i mean, dont get me wrong, i ALWAYS get very excited when my girls announce its going to be another starbucks day. because

  1. i get to hang out with the comfort of a coffee smelling hub
  2. the starbucks person/barista/workers are ALWAYS nice.
  3. it doesnt hurt that the guys at starbucks are always cute


Starbucks, Novena Square.

today, the chick that took our orders were just plain rood as hell. i mean, she had the “fuck you, i hate this job, just fuck off” face. and i mean, she was so UNWILLING to serve and it was THAT OBVIOUS. i wanted a chocolate chunk cookie and she charged me for a chocolate coffee LOG CAKE. CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIE does not sound like CHOCOLATE COFFEE LOG CAKE asshole! and when i correted her she acts like its my fault she charged me the wrong thing. i was like “gurl, you better give me a smile or i will stuff yo head in the blender”

of course i didnt, me, being the polite young lady that i am, just said “ITS OKAY” before she could even apologize- which she didnt. motherf. wayyy to ruin my starbucks experience~ pffft

but overall it was a great day because i was surrounded with people i genuinely love ❤

also, starbucks guys are just super adorbs man. i dont even know why. its like you put an average guy infront of me, and put a starbucks apron on him and BAM he’s some cute indie guy. hahahaha~ okay im lame

i want a boyfriend who will share with me my love for starbucks coffee and not think im crazy about it 🙂


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