Au Naturale

honestly, i hate people who ask me ‘do i look like i have makeup on?’ i mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY. if you have makeup on your face, then OBVIOUSLY, you would look like you have make up on. and when i ask whats the point of wearing make up and then dont want to look like you have product on, they go all ‘i dont like to look fake’

hold up

if anyone knows me, if you know me at all, you know that i hate natural. i think its bullshit. because no one have perfect skin. NO ONE. i for one obviously dont have perfect skin but thats when make up comes in right? and just because i put on things on my face to help me appear more flawless it doesnt make me fake. it simple means i like to look good for people and myself and it means that i actually care what i look like to people

fake looking makeup is when your make up is cakey, because you put on too much product on your face you get what im trying to say?

i mean, im not saying make up is the way to go, oh wait, i am saying make up is the way to go although, although, i am perfectly fine with my girls who likes au naturale but if you are going around saying im fake looking, im going to have to put my claws in your weave and girl, you be needin stitches

and what about boys claiming they dont like make up? they like you, like bruno mars sung ‘just the way you are’, dont listen to them! boys are liars!

‘her hair her hair falls perfectly without her trying


if you gon go out to a date and show off all the nasty redness on the sides of your nose and that ugly little acne marks on your face, you think he gon stay? gurl please. make up is going to help you

one of my pet peeve is when people wear their make up, their foundation too damn light for their own skin tone. like i got this friend, bless her, now she is in the shade caramel, but she bought her foundation in rose ivory. and now she looking like a clown, girl. i am like, gurl, take that cake batter off your face

make up is to make you look flawless, not shades fairer. you have garnier for that

and i have encountered so many, countless times while just going out with my bestfriend, girls with electric blue eyeshadow and fake eyelashes that looks like freaking camel lashes prancing around town thinking they fashionistas, thinking they divas with them runny lipgloss and cheap plastic lashes.

gurl please, where are you going? to the drag contest? stop just stop

and the best part is, they all be like 15, 16 year olds trying to look way older so men will turn their heads. i have one thing to say


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