class needs to stop getting cancelled

look at that baby. that gorgeous happy ass baby in some blow up pool. i want to feel that satisfaction on a hot ass day like i just jumped into the pool with my school uniform on. damn. the weather is killing me. one minute its raining one minute its blazing hot like lord decides it’ll be funny to turn up his barbecue pit


anyways, the damn NAPHA TEST is over and done with and i am so goddamn happy i tell you! GODDAMN HAPPY!

my body is only starting ache now, 2 days after the test itself. my arms feels like i got 20 shots on each arm. and man, my thighs, MY THIGHS, my sweet ass jiggly as jello ass thighs! they ache like noones business

in other news, class keeps getting canceled and im a little pissed. i mean, come the hell on man! its the LAST LAP BEFORE FINALS! i would have thought it would be like hardcore studying till the end! this is not how i pictured my last months to prepare for finals to look like. why is this happening me? why is no one seemingly interested in getting out of this hellhole with a decent cert to allow us to have a decent future? i dont want to fail again damnit. i dont want to be like “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” like during the o lvls like


i means its cokay if class is canceled like once in a while but COME ON



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