you stinky

yes yes yes i have not been updating this site for afew days or even weeks. dont you all think i know that? dont you all think that i lived everyday with guilt of not updating you guys about my life? well, i dont of course. i was too busy will the real life

anyways, i already got my perfume, the Dolce and Gabanna No. 3 and gurl, i am so into spritzing everynow and then i think people are actually getting annoyed. but girl please, you cant blame me for spraying my sweet smelling perfume all over if you smell like piss

and gurl, some of the people are just nazty. like they smell like dried sweat layered on dried sweat, layered on dirt and moist sweat. and my eyes will get all watery and

ew. girl. no.

and its like 7 in the morning and i have to take the crowded ass train with bodies rubbing againts bodies and you know, some smell good, they smell like shampoo but some just. smell like dead carcass you know girl? some just blow the wind out of my lungs

so i be all taking out my perfume and spritzing in your face or the area surrounding me so it is breathable. i WILL give you this kind of face because, girl, you stinky

EW. the word is just, ew. so all you stinky people, grab some life buoy, some panteen and get scrubbin’ because people like me out there, do not deserve to smell your bodily odor early in the morning


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