divine smelling

hey guys, im raiding sephora soonish, and im either going to get that Chloe Eau de Parfum or the Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatrice No.3

i got big on perfumes and the ones that i pick up usually have kind of fruity notes to it, kind of floral but more to the fruity side i guess?

i also need to get another foundation, because, girl, mine is running out and it is inappropriate (for school or whatever) with all the micro glitters up on it. im talking about the Revlon photoready liquid foundation, if yall are lost. i want to get the Makeup Forever HD foundation and i am excited because i heard so many good reviews of it. also, am gonna get some nars stuff like the blush in orgasm. thinking about makeup will forever make me happy, i told you guys

and i want to get the sexy mother pucker plumping lip glosses. and the mac cosmetics (i listed quite afew down already) so yay


One Response to divine smelling

  1. Fizzyfiiz says:

    You know what, I really want to see what’s in your make-up pouch or drawer. haha

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