she got my heart racing, in her skin tight jeans shes my teenage dream la la la~

this bitch, is fucking beautiful i tell you. this isnt a lesbian moment or anything like that. oh the bad bad things i’ll do to this, this goddess

thats it, im going to grow my hair and get really skinny so i can look like demi lavato. and oh yeah, rub a coin in the middle of my chin so i can have cleft chin like hers. and them eyebrows! girl got nice eyebrows!

hey mods

how are you guys this past few, months? i should say. well i hope all is good. see, i can be nice. when i want to

anyways, the results are up tomorrah and i am kind of not really but sort of nervous for it. 1 failure, and ms. becky said she didnt expect the person to fail marketing. it cant be me, i mean, i studied smart. i nailed everything relevant. it cant be me, it cant be me (im chanting now)

julie says the money has came and the first few things on my list are all wardrobe related. and the dkny be delicious perfume in cherry blossom or something like that. i will raid sephora like crazy im telling you now. i deserve this

and love life has gone back to square numero uno, because you know, eventually everything good leaves me. thats why im working towards being like demetria and is now trying to finally fit in with my age group. which requires me to lower down my standards and expectations. it also requires me to chug up everything i swallow because, it works

i cannot wait for school because then i’ll get to hang out with norazlin rosmani till about 8pm everyday, smoking some icemint and bitching about whatever we find annoying. dinner, served; green tea, sandwich and some mint sticks

i said i dont but babe, bad habits die hard. and if it speeds up weight loss, whoop de fucking doo ya hear?

i change


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