Saye, Jorah Ahmad, ingin mengucapkan…

see that? that my friends, is the smiling faces of what we all call best fucking friends forever. so is this, man we cant even pretend to be cool around each other :\

yes yes shut the hell up, i know i have been on the longest hiatus, ever. but come on, exams, fasting month. man those has to count as valid reasons you know. but hey, atleast now im actually posting something up this dusty ass blog right?

dont ask me, i dont even know

left to right: suzzie, sharifah, azlin, raihanah

Syark (shark) girl (because of the tudung) aadila and yours truly chosen. harharhar

because photo ops are very necessary~ ahthankyouverymuch

the nickname that were bestowed upon us that day. left to right: mak rimau, nenek sake & kak semprit

ended the whole thing with

bunge api

(stay tuned for the pictures)(sorry brah)

the moments;

  • I kept cutting words into shorter syllables so its faster. Eg. Kits nak gi rums siaps? Which means; Kite nak pergi di rumah siapa?
  • Nurul cannot stop being Jorah Ahmad, sental kerepek ubi aadila sampai habis
  • Azlin goreng samosa and buat air as soon as we sat our asses down at her sofa. ni skill dok, skill
  • Raihanah is like the gang leader, yaknawhamsayin’? Reow~ Mak Rims
  • Suzzie klakar. Nak ketatkan ape pon aku tak tau.
  • Sharifah was the little photographer most of the time. with decent pictures, not like nurul. tyvm sha!
  • Aadila, man Aadila, Syiak (Shark) Girl dok, jangan maen maen hor. Fierce ni. but takot kuching. kwang3
  • SEMPRIT is now a plyway of saying vulgarities, because you know, ladies

Overall it was super fun and im smiling like an asshole even right now, thinking about the day we had 🙂
Oh and i thank those mothers who bersusah payah memasakan kami sekumpulan. Mak Nurul, Mak Azlin, Mak Aadila, Mak aku


One Response to Saye, Jorah Ahmad, ingin mengucapkan…

  1. Aadila says:

    HAha! Great post! 😀
    A memorable Raye with y’all once again, hehehe 😀

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