heh. how y’all been?

it has been about 3-4days since the start of the fasting month and how have all you been coping with it?

my head has been spinning ever since i started fasting. isnt that great? i guess its because i just bluntly refuse to eat anything for pre-dawn meal. which is at 4AM in the friggin morning. i rather sleep

so i end up drinking 2 cups of water and sometimes a banana and feeling the burn of gastric juices every now and then

and then finally the break fast and my mom cooks whatever she wants to cook and i just binge. and then purge. im not very healthy now i come to think of it

but everythings cool as long as im getting thinner

this is perfection, never forget

and also the 2weeks holiday has already kicked off and im excited to see how much people change in just a short span of time. for the better, that is

julie and i have to get our asses to Simei by 9 30AM this coming Friday for some rehearsal on our SMRT presentation. totally excited to see the familiar faces of our competition


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