Avatar: The Last Airbender

this is a movie review y’all

i got to see Avatar: The Last Air-bender today and i LOVED it. Honestly

i have had heard of people complaining about how the movie was a disappointment and how it sucked and how it was a waste of money. well screw you, i thought it was pretty good

i loved the 3d effects and how everything was just great. at first when i got to know the characters, i was a little turned off

but then i saw the film and was like daymn, id tap patel’s ass. and that white water bending guy. they are fineeeeee and im not even kidding

im looking at indians and arabians in a whole new light. thank patel y’all

it was book 1: Water Tribe so im guessing there’ll be sequels obviously and im going to catch all of it. yeah, it was that good. for me anyway

Dave Patel is hot. when he’s all villainy and bad and when his left eye is scared } when he’s zuko, the firelord prince

is this gif appropriate? no?

sue me


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