the urge to spend

julie and azlin seems to get the same effect. dont do it again, it rubs off people

today mom decided to go out with her girls, since dad was away at my aunts house to get his hair done. wow, it sounds weird. my dad getting his hair done

i would not get out of that Aldo shop. mom had to drag me out of there. and then i would get out of watsons, because i wanted to steal everything. and then i wanted to buy/ spend shitload of money on make up but my mother wont let me. and i was sulky the whole day

my youngest sister pointed out how bratty i was. im not! she said im acting like a spoil ass brat who cant get what she wants. my 13 year old sister, telling me off. an 18 year old. i suck at life. its not that. its just. i LOVE make up. and i rather spend money on lipsticks then food. thats just me


so i didnt get the shoes and i didnt get any make up. i am officially depressed :\

oh and i met julie halfway walking and i was happy again instantly. positive energy 🙂


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