fetish for older men

and when i put that statement out there, men around their 30s and early 40s start hitting on me. which is totally disgusting. unless youre like leonardo dicaprio (whom i will with great pleasure tap that ass) stay away from me or i will cut you like a bitch

jackie & hyde are just so cute together :3 okay, time to find a boyfriend like hyde

in other news, i got into the F1 gig and am posted to the padang grandstand area i think. and theres training session this thursday, which means id get to skip the 4hour mind numbing entrepreneurship class, which means that im going to be a happy bunny on that day! yay me

its time to make money money, make money money money $$

also, i want to get the platformed pumps from aldo/ zara so badly. but mom says to wait. why? i have no idea, since im buying them with my own money :\ but okay mom, i shall wait. for what im unsure but, ill wait

and i cannot wait for fasting month! i cannot wait to see all the minah and matreps who never fast but goes all excited for hari raya and hang out at gaylang serai to go shopping for cheap shoes and bags! all i can say is, shame on all of you sonsofbitches 🙂

haha, i had to put that in. the man has an epic mustache and is spinning a peperoni pizza, your argument is invalid


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