picky picky picky

maybe the reason to why i am stuck at singlesville all this while is because im just to darn picky

but what can i do man? im not the kind of girl who goes for anyone and everyone. im getting picked from guys with big ass bikes and hot ass faces with killer bodies with an art sleeve tattoos and i just go all “NEXT”

and girls call me crazy cause im not one to pick, you know what im saying?

its not in my nature to go out with rebels. especially rebels with tattoos and piercings and those clubbers and drunkards. even if they have the biggest bike or the handsomest face or the dreamiest eyes. i just dont find that attractive

blame it on the zodiac. im a pieces lady and the only thing that attracts me is structure and direction. and if youre cute, thats a plus

but looking at where we are now, and how available men are now

i rather stay this way. bitter and jaded with a ton of cash


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