thats right, you heard him. you, miss, are a dumb ass

i do not know why youre still hanging around

anyways, there was P.E today and azlin and i were each other’s running buddy. that was pretty good, even i impress myself sometimes

so then as usual, like after every P.E lesson we took an hour shower and julie gave us this strawberry puree (for our skin) and i swear i smelled so good even you would want to lick me. i swear!

its that one. now i am using the body shops body butter in grapefruit and i already want to lick myself everytime i use it but this one smells sooooooooooo good i can die

anyways, today, putra’s invincible in nana’s eyes. i felt so bad for him! honest! but then he was just so damn pathetic trying to get into her good books again it was just so funny for me, julie and azlin. he was trying so hard to make things better and we just kept laughing at him

he’s like

aso, i cannot believe azli or azri is a freaking murtad okay. makan babi je tau 😡 and that annoying denim jacket ass needs to back the fuck off

and today hisyam made me want to slap his annoying cheeky grin clad face

sorry king julian, besok mate takmo sembab eh putra

and then as usual, the lepaking session with azlin after school. we planned to go home by 7PM but ended up staying till 8 30PM. talked about today, those people who annoyed us, those people we felt like headbutting

man there’s gym tomorrowwww~ and im pretty excited to sweat it out again. like the good ol’ times


3 Responses to monday

  1. Passerby says:

    Shutup you dumb fat moronic b!tch! Keep your comments for yourself while you gossip about others.
    Who are you to judge when you are already so dumb, fat and needless for me to say, moronic. One lump of lard commenting about others? You are one big fat joke yourself. Who are you to say those people are bimbotic and awful stuffs like that.
    Just keep that 2 piece of lard under you stinky nose shut. Awful fat b!tch!

  2. faree says:

    to the gay anonymous, shut the fuck up. coward shit. hey aisyah, sorry just need to comment. 🙂

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