cry me a river

well i have been working non stop every day and im falling sick man. im not falling sick. i am sick

for not having a nervous breakdown, yay me! seriously. i worked under pressure for a week trying to do all my projects alone. the project is done. i did it. without any of your dumb ass help. i can kill you. i will kill you, once you come to school

you cant hide forever

im coughing very badly and im coughing so hard my ears are ringing everytime. i want to go to the doctor but my presentation is tomorrow. i also have to send in the marketing proposal tomorrow and do SMRT proposal with julie

i hope this is not bronchitis. i dont have time to fall ill

today i cried because i couldnt handle all the work load. and then i plugged into sufjan stevens and continued doing all the editing and collating of project works. and completed it

it is impossible to cry when youre listening to sufjan stevens. or passion pit

also, today i realized how much i would like to kill those who made me cry

heres what i think of

Teo Lay Han;

Youre expelled.

Hannah Tan;

What happened to you? You were so promising. Also your sunglasses are still with me, i’ll give them to you when you turn up for class

it is also impossible to stay mad when im listening to sufjan stevens


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