i said it

after this long ass coversation i had with azlin, call it the daily lepaking session if you will, several points have been derived

“its kind of sad that abstinence is not what theyre putting out today, its how to do it the safe way”- Ms Becky Lim, on sex

yeah well look around man. everyones jacking off like jack rabbits in a sack (not everyone but you get what i mean)

i honestly do not understand how teenagers nowadays could be so “bleh” about things like sex, drugs and alchohol

times have changed, so they say and so did peoples ability to think rationally. its kind of sad

i also dont understand why malay girls take pictures of themselves naked and putting it out there for everyones fapping pleasure. why? WHY? SERIOUSLY MAN, WHY?

it makes me sad. believe it or not. it just makes me sad

i was teased for being a virgin. how does that even work man? i mean, i thought abstinence was something to be proud of. i guess my parents raised me up pretty good. 16 year old boyslut talking like his dicks longer than the fucking flagpole and talking shit about things he’s done. accomplishments, he says

well i did fuck that 16 year old up with some smartass counter attacks so it was all good. of course i blocked deleted that asshat

and whats with girls and marker-ed on eyebrows that doesnt even look like a damn eyebrow?  it looks more like a 2 sided triangle type thing. and whats with underaged developing boobs all up on tagged? it just makes me sick

but i guess thats just me. call me prude or whatever, not everyone wants to be a slut you know


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