i should have stayed in today and skip design. i should have slept through the alarm

tuesdays, 2hour class and then we’re done for the day. do you think it was a productive day?


i just fb-ed the whole day, looking at peoples profiles with yan xun and azlin. laughing at whatever we deemed shit and crying at what depresses us. oh and then i decided to log into “tagged (shut up putra, im not cacat because i find tagged entertaining at a certain level) and play “meet me. which i clicked on the no button most of the time because i dont take “tagged seriously

so then after that we went home. at 10AM, where else could you go you know? well before home azlin and i just sat under suhaimi’s block and reminisced about our stupid childhood days, how i like to suck ink out of  pens and how azlin like chewing on the tip of wooden pencils. we were kids

we also liked sucking on coins. how many oz of lead/ deadly poisons in our body i dont know, but we got this far so it couldnt be that bad. right?

dad is still sick. and i am too. i got runny nose and my throats clogging up. i dont like the sounds of that, i got the smrt finals up at the end of the month, presentations for both my marketing and entrepreneurship class and a whole shit load of things to do (regarding the academics)



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